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The kickoff

November 2, 2008

Words on 11/1: 1162

Goal through 11/1: 2500

Okay, so, as can be seen over there on the right, I didn’t quite hit the 2000-2500 words I was shooting for on the first day of NaNo.  The important thing, though, is that I have started and that 1100+ words was done in the roughly two free hours I had on Saturday.

I only have to mow, clean a bit, and cook dinner (although there’ll be a shopping trip in there too) tomorrow so maybe I can catch up a bit.  We’ll see.

I can already tell there’s going to need to be some heavy-handed editing and some pretty good rewriting needed on this ms when I’m done but I’m, so far, being good and just moving on with the words spilling out of my demented brain.

Well, I’m pretty typed out right now, so I’ll leave anything else to tomorrow’s update.  Stay tuned.  Should be a pretty spectacular breakdown I have in the next few weeks.

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