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November 4, 2008

Words on 11/3: 0 (that’s right, zero)

Goal through 11/3: 7500

Yeah, I got nothing written today.  My day started with getting Tommy (my 10 year old) ready to head off to school camp.  He’s spending 3 days and 2 nights at a camp with other 5th graders about a half-hour from here.

I then had to get the oil changed in the Subaru so that I could pass the annual state inspection.  Then I went to the inspection station where I passed for everything except that my tires were dangerously bald.  Like exposed cords bald.  Guess I should have checked those earlier.

So then I went to Sam’s to get new tires since I had a sneaking suspicion I was due for a blowout at any moment (yes, they looked that bad).  Two hours later I had new tires on the back and the backs rotated to the front and was on my way back to the inspection station.

This time I passed.  I came home and had to work on some assembly programming.  Okay, I lie.  I took a nap first (hey, I was tired) then worked on school stuff.  Then I had Digital Systems Lab in the evening.  By 10 or 11 when I got a chance to write I just didn’t feel like it.  I’m going to percolate the next few chapters and go gangbusters on it tomorrow when all I have is some shopping and watching Conor (my 2 year old).

Ah, well, NaNo never promised that my life would cooperate with my dreams. 🙂

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