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Halfway home

November 16, 2008
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Words on 11/15: 1061
Goal through 11/15: 37500

The halfway, of course, only refers to time elapsed versus time left.  I’m waaaaay behind halfway to word count.

I got a little alone time today to write.  I’m beginning to seriously doubt that it was a good idea to try NaNo while taking classes.  Ah, well, it was an experiment in limits.  I think I may have found some of mine. 🙂

I might just try and flash my fingers across the keys for the next two weeks and tell my internal editor to shove it.  That goes for typos and grammatical errors too.  Once I let that sucker in for those little things he tends to want to edit everything.  I can’t have that during NaNo.  He can wait until I begin work anew on Veil.

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