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The end is nigh…or is it?

March 10, 2009

DISCLAIMER:  The views posted below do not represent the views of anyone (unless specifically named and attributed) outside my cerebral cortex.

I’m going to veer a bit from my writing life in this post but, no worries, I will work writing into it.  I always seem to. 🙂

So, yeah, there’s a lot of talk going around about December, 2012.  I guess this is the time that the whole world is going to blow up.  You know, like it did on 1/1/2000.

As you can probably tell, I’m not one that thinks that we will be an extinct species come Christmastime of 2012.  In fact, I think that the end of the Mayan calendar (the thing that all of this speculation is based upon) is rather insignificant in a physical sense.

My wife and I have discussed this at length many times (what did you think we geeks who procreate talked about?  shoes? 😉 ) and we have come to an agreement that the end of the cycle is nothing more than a shift in what the world is, not whether it is.

Let me explain.  I think that the end of the cycle will just be a shift in how we humans approach the world.  This shift will likely, I think, be due to some cataclysm (I’m suspecting and feeling it will be natural) that could wipe out a good share of humankind.  I, however, don’t believe it will wipe out all of us.

I’m thinking that we are headed toward a more natural and cerebral society.  One can only hope, anyway.  The new cycle will be more simplistic.  There are many things that lead me to this conclusion but I will stick, for now, with art since it was my Art Appreciation class and a video on Jackson Pollock that got me to thinking about this most recently.  Writing is art, right? 😉

It was said by the dude that discovered Pollock (I forget his name but it’s probably easily Googled) that he saw art moving from complex to simple.  Kind of obvious if you check out the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel v. any Pollock painting, eh?

Now, let’s move that to writing.  Compare Dickens, Tolstoy or Dostoevsky to any contemporary novelist.  I bet you see simpler, tighter language.  The pretty, purple prose used to “get you in the mood” has been replaced by joining the story in media res (I hope I got that right).  In today’s market those classic authors would get a rejection slip saying that they need to tighten their writing (if the slip said anything beyond “No thanks”, that is).

Tighten.  Get rid of unnecessary words, scenes, characters.  These are gospel for today’s writer.  Complex to simple.  Like the move from ultra-processed foods to backyard veggie gardens, it, to me, is a sign of the approach of the new cycle.

The end of the world as we know it does not necessarily mean the end of the world as a whole.

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