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The Aftermath

December 1, 2009

Well, it’s December 1st.

That means that NaNoWriMo is officially over and I would like to report that I succeeded this year.  That, despite the many demands on my time and cognitive powers, I wrote over 50,000 words on my fantasy novel in 30 days.  I would like to relish in the fact that the words came pouring out of me and the pages filled, almost of their own accord, before my astonished eyes.  I would like to gleefully complain about my fingers still smoking from the fires set by the friction between them and the keys of my laptop.  Fires doused only because they could not stand up to the copious flow of blood running from under the nails.

I would like to report all of that.  In fact, I would love to report all of that and more.

But I can’t.  That would be lying.

The fact is, however, that NaNo was, once again, a resounding failure for me.  Well, not so much a failure as a glaring neon sign that proclaims my proclivity for not maximizing any “free” time I manage to get between family, sleep and school.

My name is Todd and I’m an unorganized procrastinator.  There.  I’ve admitted it before the world.  Or at least that small segment that actually reads the sporadic drivel I sometimes get the gumption to post into the aether of the internets.

Part of my tackling of that problem, though, is also one of the reasons that I can’t consider November a complete epic fail of writing.  I’ve been investigating different organizational-type software programs over the years to see if any of them could help me, someone whose idea of being organized is knowing what pile something is in, put some semblance of sanity into my novel writing process.  For NaNo I figured I’d give yWriter another try.

I must say that I’m quite impressed by this little piece of freeware.  I’ll give the program the more extensive review it deserves next week when finals are over but suffice it to say that it meets every need I currently see for my own writing process.  That includes seamless integration between laptop and PDA, my two main writing tools.

Beginning next Thursday, the 10th, I’m going to try to fully integrate yWriter into an iron-clad writing schedule.  You may want to follow along; it could get very interesting.

Oh, and the fantasy idea is still kicking strongly in my head so there may still be hope for that novel.

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