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Re-thinking and some re-tooling

January 15, 2010

It occurred to me the other night, as I was trying to drift off to the land of story ideas, that I haven’t been using this blog the way I had intended when I started it. Perhaps that’s why I have such a hard time keeping it updated regularly.

When I started this it was in the spirit of giving those without this desperate need to tell stories an idea of the day to day workings of the writer’s mind as well as what all went into creating a work of fiction. Not that my way is how all writers (or even most) go about it but it would at least provide readers with a glimpse of what mental gymnastics at least one writer does to make a story transition from weird voices and pictures in the head to an enjoyable (hopefully) adventure for many to embark upon.

In that spirit, then, I am going to begin using the blog in the way I always intended. Beginning right now.

My current main work in progress (WIP) is, of course, Across the Veil.  I have “completed” (as completed as the first draft is going to be) the first three chapters and am currently working on chapter 4.

The first three chapters have introduced Liam (protagonist), Laura (his wife), Evan (his son), Marty (his biological father), Bev (Marty’s wife), and Judas (the antagonist).

I’ve managed to do a bit of foreshadowing in these chapters and have hopefully set up Judas as a creepy yet intriguing sort of guy.  Chapter 2 ends with a bit of calamity (the first two chapters are linked on this page over there on the right and are, as far as I remember, pretty dang close to the “final” first drafts I’m working with).  Chapter 3’s sole purpose is to introduce the antagonist and set some stuff up for later.

Today’s task is to finish up chapter 4.  I’m about halfway through it and have introduced yet another main character, Julie, and am about to introduce the final two main characters.  Yes, I know, nine (I think it is) main characters are a bit many for one story to follow.  No worries, however, since at least one of these nine will not make it out of  chapter 4 alive.  Couple that with at least two or three fading into minor character status and I think the number of characters will become quite manageable.

If I do manage to finish chapter 4 today I may even try to get to work on the dreaded (but anticipated) chapter 5 but I don’t hold high hopes that I’ll get too much of that done today.  We shall see.

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  1. January 15, 2010 10:25 am

    novels can host larger amounts of main characters than short stories anyway. ^^ If you’ve got 9 main characters, how many secondary characters do you have?

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