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I Are Justifiable Procrastinator

April 17, 2010


Okay, so I didn’t quite finish Chapter 7 of Veil today.  Okay, so the “today” I speak of is Friday and (unless I’m able to get this post done blazingly fast) this is posting early Saturday morning.

It’s okay.  Really.

I spent most of today (Friday, remember) sitting on my ass in my “I’m-working-really-I’m-a-writer-this-is-what-we-do” phase.  Because I have a killer idea for a novel.  So killer, in fact, that it may supplant the killer idea I had planned for my next WIP after Veil.  This is a killer idea that will, invariably, make it to this blog when it’s in its rightful turn (next or next after that) on the writing block.

Hell, I may even put it to a blog/Facebook/Twitter vote as to which of the two I write.  When the time comes.  And after I’ve gotten the couple of blurbs written.

So, see, I’m doing it for you, my reader.  Really.  Is that really procrastination?  Don’t answer that.  Really.

Tomorrow morning will be taken up by my oldest boy’s first baseball game of the year and I’m sure the wife has something planned for the afternoon.  And I’d like to get some walking in.

But after all that…

Ah, hell, Monday might be a better day to write anyway.  Or Tuesday.  Or…

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