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What’s the Point (of View)?

April 20, 2010

So, I’m pretty much rethinking Chapter 7 of Veil.

Not so much the content. The content is fine so far (as far as it goes right now, anyway).

No, I’m at a point where I’m questioning chapter placement. I feel for some odd reason, that I need an antagonist chapter. Right fucking now, Sunshine.

Why? No clue.

If my somewhat adventurous (not ”good” adventurous — kinda crappy in spots actually…maybe I’ll tell you about them sometime) life has taught me anything it’s that 99% of the time your gut instinct is spot on (margin of error is approximately +/- 1%, incidentally).

This time, though, I’m not so sure. It kind of makes sense in the whole “spread out the POVs so the reader doesn’t think You forgot someone” vein. But, again, I don’t know.

So far the POVs line up suchly (italics mean “planned”):

Chapter 1: Liam

Chapter 2: Liam

Chapter 3: Judas

Chapter 4: Liam

Chapter 5: Evan

Chapter 6: Liam

Chapter 7: Judas

Chapter 8: Brad or Mel or Julie

Chapter 9: Liam

Chapter 10: Brad or Mel or Julie

Chapter 11: Liam

Chapter 12: Judas

What I haven’t noted in that tentative POV schedule are the facts that I probably want to give Marty a chapter and I plan on sprinkling in a few Evan chapters.

Chapter 7 will be written. It just may not be Chapter 7 when the ms. is done.

Or something.

What I’m going to have to do is get a feel for how the chapters are flowing and what characters the readers are wanting to know about at this particular juncture.

Or I could just pick my pre-reader’s brain.

If she’s not too stabby.

She probably won’t be.


Oh, and comments are forever welcome (if not always heeded) too. 🙂

EDIT:  This was actually written and “posted” on Monday the 19th…not sure how it didn’t make it live.  :/

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