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Ruminations Between Chapters

April 24, 2010

Yeah, not a very clever title but they can’t all be winners.  😉

So, Chapter 7 was an antagonist chapter and has been “finished” and already been through the pre-reader gauntlet.  It has a few character and timeline logistic problems but nothing that can’t be fixed with a day of editing when the time comes so for that I am thankful.

Chapter 8, I’ve finally decided, will be a Liam chapter (again).  This is not what I had envisioned even a week ago but it feels comfortable and it should work just fine since it’ll spawn at least two or three other chapters with other characters.  My goal is to not concentrate on one character for too long at a time but keep them on the radar (but only if their chapter fits logically and advances the story).

Chapters 9 and 10, at least, will give us some insight into the thought processes of a couple of major/minor characters.  These will be characters who won’t be quite as important as Liam and Evan but will be instrumental in their quest to achieve their story goal.

As I’ve said before, I’m essentially pantsing at this point.  I’m figuring out chapter by chapter what seems logical in the happenings then deciding who should impart the next chapter then slipping into their head to write the damn thing down.  It’s kind of a chaotic way to go about it but I tend to have a somewhat chaotic sort of mind.  🙂

I have my son’s baseball game this afternoon (delayed due to rain) and some grocery shopping and cooking to do but hopefully I will get chapter 8 finished, or at least dented, tonight.

And, yes, I know this post is a day late.  Meh.  😉

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