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The Feeling’s Back?

September 15, 2010

I don’t know that I’d go so far as to say the easy feeling is back and I’m through my “I suck” block yet but I did manage to get 1600+ words last night (Tuesday night) and finish Chapter 8 in time for a pre-reader imposed deadline.

Yes, I said it.  Chapter 8 is done except for a few logistical issues for which editing was invented.

I had a small problem during the flying finger fury that was my (at least temporary) escape from under the marble block but it turned out I was trying to make things more difficult and convoluted than they had to be.  I’m pretty good at that.  Why have a mismatched character overpower a stronger character with chloroform or ether when they can beat them upside the head with a push-broom?  I’ve been hit in the head with those before and they frackin’ hurt.  Put a bunch of strength behind a baseball bat swing and those things can be near deadly.  This one wasn’t but it unconscious-ized the character that needed knocked out.  That works for me.  🙂

My next chapter will leave the antagonist where he is and re-visit Liam to see what all he’s up to.  It’s a lot.  It’s somewhat existential.  It’s a bunch important to the overall plot.  I think I may begin the romantic subplot in that chapter as well.

I still have a nagging feeling I’m going to need to sprinkle a little more Evan into some of the earlier Liam chapters but, again, that’s why they invented editing.  😉

I need to see if I can keep this semi-roll up and get another chapter to my pre-reader soon enough that she doesn’t have to re-read chapters to remember where in the story we are.

And, so, with that said, onward and upward to Chapter 9.  🙂

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