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Worth A Try

January 3, 2011

Okay, so I haven’t worked on any of my WIPs so far in the new year.  Big Boy goes back to school tomorrow morning, however, and I’ve got some ideas in my head on how to set the mood for writing right after he leaves on the bus.  We’ll see how those work out on the morrow.

I have informally begun a dry run of what I hope can turn into a lucrative business, though.

There are enough good self-pubs out there in the aether of the interwebs that I think, given enough time and careful attention, the stigma of self-pubbing can be significantly reduced.  Perhaps even minimized.

There are enough bad self-pubs out there in the aether of the interwebs that I know self-pubbers are going to need help to get to that point for the “fledgling” industry.

I am hoping to be that help.

I have helped a fellow author with the cover to her ms. that she sent to readers on the Kindle and she seemed to be fairly happy with it.  Once we got to around the right color.  😉  I also spent time with that ms. learning to convert files from one device file type to a bunch of others so that different people could read it on their varied devices.  These are the two main skills I hope to bring to self-pubbers who hire me for my services.  Once I use my guinea pigs and their documents to make sure I can replicate my successes.

I’m even considering offering at least limited editing services to it.

Obviously, this won’t be my “day job” just yet.  I’m still actively searching for one of those.  But it will help me hone some decently valuable skills and if it has a side benefit of earning me a modicum of scratch then I’m all for it.  🙂

The project I’m currently working on is a flash fiction collection called “Not Nice And Other Understatements” by Annetta Ribken.  It is available in print right now from that link or you can just search Amazon for it.  Go ahead and buy it.  It’s getting rave reviews from what I hear.  I have my copy and will quite probably use this blog to spread my own review once I get a chance to sit down with it in a bright light somewhere.  😉

If all goes well then it will also be available in a variety of electronic formats on Smashwords by the end of this week.  Hopefully sooner.

If this dry run pans out and I enjoy it enough to keep doing it then I’ll have to actually do some due diligence and set up something halfway professional.  At least halfway.

Then if I can get this thing off the ground, get a decent day job and get some of my own writing done — well, then the sky’s the limit for 2011 and beyond.

Here’s hoping.  😉

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  1. January 3, 2011 6:08 pm

    Awesome idea! I know you can do it. I could’ve pushed you harder to tweak Make or Break, but I only wanted a readable copy at that point… hey, I’m happy to nit-pick you into learning how to resolve even the most minor formatting glitch! 😉 The cover is nice… the collage that Rachel made, with your layout and copy, but it won’t be my “official” one. I’m almost considering hiring ‘Netta’s daughter to do some photography for me when the time comes, since she did such a nice job with Not Nice. I’d love to find one of those Taylor Cujos so we could get photos of that! Or it could be silhouettes of two people walking down a small-town Emporia-like street, maybe with a bus in the background. I dunno. I’m not visual that way.

  2. toddmacy permalink*
    January 3, 2011 6:45 pm

    Heh. Yeah, the cover I did for you was more of a practice thing to see if I could do it. I didn’t even break out the heavy graphics software for it. 😉 And I’ve learned a bit more on the formats since then too.

    RE: Your cover. I’m almost thinking it’d be cool to have a Taylor Cujo broken on the cover with the pieces kind of forming into a heart shape and either silhouettes or shadows falling over it.

    That might be a little ambitious, though. 🙂

  3. January 4, 2011 9:06 am

    As a self-pubber, you have to wear a lot of hats. The one I like the least is formatting. I hate it, okay? HATE. IT. I could do it, but then it takes my time away from other stuff that I need to be doing, so this is a valuable service you offer. With covers, I’m lost. I don’t know graphic programs, I don’t WANT to learn, I have enough on my plate as it is.

    Like I told you, with the self-publishing market exploding, there are many who will appreciate and pay reasonable rates for such services. If you do your thang and I’m happy, I will never format another ms. — YOU can do it. Heh.

    Dude, you are trembling on the cusp. I can see it. *bounce bounce*

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