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Cover Me!

February 13, 2013

So, yeah, this long (two years? Really?) silence is about to be broken because I did actually spend at least some of that time rethinking my writing strategies and writing actual words.

It was pointed out to me a while back that I seemed to have an attention span on my own writing that was about the size of a short story. That when I wrote little compact stories of one to six or so thousand words I excelled far more than when I tried to write 50-90, 000 words in a novel. What came of this was Doorway to Dementia. This is a collection of a dozen short stories (assuming they all make the editing cut in the next couple of weeks) which put my twisted little mind on display.

Better than that, though, is they give me something to put out there. To build some sort of actual readership. To show that I’ve not been lying when I said I wanted to be a writer.

I’m hoping to ride the anticipated jubilation of publishing Doorway into finishing rewrites of The Dreamweaver (formerly Project: Dreamcatcher) and publishing that on or around my birthday in early May. Really, I’m hoping that this will start an avalanche of publishing for me because I have a lot of great ideas I want to get out to all of you and I think I have the talent to make them compelling but my brain needs to be convinced that people will actually like the stuff when it’s out there.

Doorway to Dementia will give my readers (totally in the hypothetical at the moment) that chance to show my brain that I can and, indeed, will succeed at this writing thing.

So, now that I’ve totally bored you and made your eyes roll multiple times, we get to the whole point of this post: I can haz cover? Yes, I can haz! And you can haz too. Right here and now.  🙂


This is the e-cover for Doorway. Done by the incomparable RL Treadway whose @rtink sites can be found on Facebook at and on her company domain at She was a joy to work with and is very competitively priced. I had no idea what I wanted for this cover until she gave me ideas. Then it was simple. And I think it turned out great.

Now to get the inside as gleamy as the outside so’s y’all can bask in my authory goodness.  😉

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